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Literary agents are the gatekeeper to success in the publishing world, and we happen to know some of the best gatekeepers in the business.

Our industry experts possess the insider knowledge to match your manuscript with the appropriate literary agent so that your manuscript is given the best chance for publishing success.

Why Do I Need a Literary Agent?

The publishing process is incredibly complicated and often very frustrating. Your manuscript is finally written, polished, and ready to be shared with the world—but how do you get that life-changing manuscript into the hands and homes of your readers? Very simply, for most projects, the answer is a literary agent.

Most publishers will not even accept direct submissions from authors without representation by an agent. Furthermore, a literary agent’s services are essential for negotiating a publishing contract. They are lawyers by trade and will ensure that you’re fully aware of your rights and limitations before you sign on the dotted line. Most agents operate only on commission and thus work very hard to negotiate the best possible deal for you and your book.

“Manuscript: Something submitted in haste and returned at leisure.”

~Oliver Herford

Our Service Options Include

  • Researching the best self-publishing options for your book and budget
  • Consultation on all aspects of the self-publishing process
  • Book cover design
  • Editing and formatting
  • ISBN acquisition
  • Copyright
  • eBook formatting and submission
  • Handling every step of the self-publishing process for you

Whether you’re interested in simply discussing the various self-publishing options available to you or want hands-on support with preparing your manuscript, we’re able to tailor our services to meet your needs. Let us take care of anything that you can’t handle yourself and advise you on all aspects of the process.

Connecting You with the Right Agent for Your Book

We have had great success matching talented authors with equally talented literary agents. Whether you’re hiring us as ghostwriters, editors, or consultants, we will become intimately familiar with both your manuscript and your specific publishing goals. This keen familiarity is crucial when it comes to helping you select a literary agent. We will make sure that you are connected with an agent that has worked successfully within your manuscript’s genre and, most importantly, is reputable within the publishing world.

Your Success Is Our Success!

The success of your work is a direct reflection upon us, and so we have an equally invested interest in making sure your manuscript circulates to trusted, skilled, and connected players in the industry. We will conduct the research and establish the contacts necessary for you and your work to be well cared for and given the best chance at success. We will steer you clear of shady agents (of which there are many) who know nothing about current publishing trends or how to secure the right resources for your particular manuscript.

Comprehensive Services

Not only will our industry experts help you achieve your vision, but we will also create the materials essential to that vision being understood by others. Once we’ve developed a compelling query letter or book proposal, we will provide you with the contact information of reputable agents within your genre and will guide you in the best ways to solicit their services. Best of all, these services are free of charge and included in most of our ghostwriting and editing packages.

Agents and publishers expect manuscripts and proposals that are clean, polished, and integrally professional. They want to know that they are not wasting their time. Our industry-savvy services will ensure that neither their time nor yours is wasted and that your book is given the best chance for publishing success.

Hire a Team of Industry Experts

Part of what makes our book services unique is that we utilize a dynamic team approach. Our typical process includes collaborative planning and brainstorming sessions with a team of two or three book experts, including former acquisitions editors from major publishing houses and New York Times bestselling authors. Throughout the writing process, team members will review the work in progress, providing editing and consultation, to ensure the best possible result.

Insider Industry Knowledge

We know the right people to foster the success of your book

Sincere Commitment to Your Success

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Comprehensive Services

From query letters to proposals to finding the perfect agent for your book

Our management team knows how to match you with the right literary agent

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We would love to hear about your book idea and answer any questions you have about literary agents and the publishing industry.

Learn More About Literary Agents and How We Can Help

Why Do I Need a Literary Agent?

If you’re self-publishing, you probably do not need a literary agent. However, most traditional publishers will not review your manuscript or book proposal unless you’re represented by a literary agent. Since publishers are constantly receiving countless manuscripts, literary agents act as a filtering system for the publishing industry. The endorsement of a literary agent gives publishers a level of assurance that your material is worth their time to review it.

Besides the fact that you’ll most likely need an agent to have any hope of publishing your book with a traditional publisher, a literary agent is also an extremely valuable asset to you. They are your champion! They’ll promote your work and help you to find the optimal publisher for your book’s style and genre. Literary agents have legal experience—in fact, they’re often lawyers by trade—and they will support you during contract negotiations to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal. For first-time authors seeking to sell their books, literary agents add legitimacy and can provide valuable industry perspectives on your book and how you market it.

What’s the Process for Finding a Literary Agent?

Generally, authors secure a literary agent by submitting query letters and samples of their work to a number of potential agents. Some writers’ circles say that you will need to query 80+ agents before you can justify calling it quits. Each query letter should be personalized to the recipient and address how you see your work complimenting the roster of authors that the literary agent currently represents. The process is long and taxing, and there is no guarantee that you’ll find representation. But, if you do, a literary agent will very likely be able to find a publisher for you and act as a champion for you and your book.

How Will You Help Me Find a Literary Agent?

Our industry experts will provide a list of reputable literary agents that are currently accepting manuscripts similar to yours. We can provide you detailed contact information, as well as each literary agent’s preferred method of submission. In addition to finding you an agent, we can also develop a compelling query letter or book proposal.