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Our Ghostwriting and Editing Team

Our dynamic staff of New York Times bestselling authors, ghostwriters, publishing insiders, and editors has been ghostwriting and editing manuscripts since 2005. Our innovative team approach to the book-writing and publishing process offers clients focused attention from multiple industry experts who work collaboratively and effectively to produce the best possible result. (See our client list.)

We believe that anyone with a compelling story, innovative concept, or empowering message deserves the opportunity to share it in the form of a well-written book.

You’ll find that our professionalism and personalized client care stand out among an industry dominated by impersonal outsourcing companies and budget services who value the quick buck over trade excellence and enduring professional relationships.

If words, creativity, and effective communication are essential to your personal or professional goals, then we are ready and equipped to serve you with passion and precision.


Kevin Anderson, CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Kevin is a highly successful ghostwriter, editor, and entrepreneur with a wealth of industry knowledge and professional experience. He has worked with numerous bestselling and award-winning authors, prominent literary agents, and a long list of public figures, successful professionals, and aspiring authors. Both a creative writer and a scholar, Kevin

Cole Gustafson, President and Chief Consultant

Doctors say that when Cole Gustafson was born, he emerged from the womb reading Mark Twain—hence, he was destined to make literature both his passion and profession. A skilled editor and ghostwriter, Cole’s writer’s intuition is an invaluable resource to authors of all abilities and aspirations. Cole earned his master’s

Alexandra Napolitano, Director of Operations

A team member since 2013, Alexandra is an experienced ghostwriter, screenwriter, and editor who has collaborated with hundreds of aspiring writers and widely-published authors. Her primary responsibilities include project management, reviewing ghostwritten material for quality control, and coordinating communication between clients and staff to ensure an efficient and effective collaboration.

Erin McKnight, Editorial Coordinator

Erin is the Vice President and chief consultant of our editorial department. Erin’s background in editing and publishing has allowed her to collaborate with writers of all genres throughout the writing, editing, and publishing process. She is a prolific book reviewer, having professionally edited multiple bestselling works of fiction and

Emma DeBono, Front Office Coordinator

Emma assists in the front office operations. She earned her BA in Communications and Creative Writing from Marymount Manhattan College and, in her spare time, is an avid reader and writer. She is dedicated to directing clients through our various services in order to ultimately help them achieve success in

Ian Corson, Ghostwriting Consultant (LA Office)

Ian is a New York Times bestselling author and ghostwriter, as well as a successful screenwriter and director. His coauthored novel, The Griff (HarperCollins), spent 9 weeks on the bestseller list, his screenplays have sold to major studios (including Paramount, Warner Bros., and A&E), and he has directed feature films (Malicious, which debuted on

Jonathan Agin, Editorial Coordinator

Jonathan assists in the editorial department, where he reviews manuscripts, manages projects, and guides authors through the publishing process. He got his start in book publishing at the literary agencies Writers House and the Maria Carvainis Agency, prior to which he worked as a bookseller and educator in Brooklyn. He

Amanda Ayers Barnett, Senior Editor

A former literary agent with more than 15 years of experience in the publishing industry, Amanda worked previously at Random House and as an acquisitions editor at Simon and Schuster. She has worked on over a dozen New York Times bestsellers, as well as many other notable and award-winning books. Her vast

Elizabeth Bruce, Senior Editor

A graduate of Columbia University and the Columbia Publishing Course, Elizabeth is a compassionate and insightful editor whose list includes over a dozen New York Times bestsellers. After stints at W.W. Norton and Grove Atlantic, she was an acquisitions editor at Picador—a leading fiction imprint of Macmillan Publishers—for many years, where she

Kevin Zambrano, Project Manager

Kevin is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara’s College of Creative Studies and the MFA Writing program at Sarah Lawrence College. He has published a number of book reviews, essays, interviews, and poems, and as an editor, he has helped authors of memoirs and textbooks sharpen their prose and shape

Jacob King, Project Manager

During his time at Kevin Anderson & Associates, he has written fiction, business, memoir, and scholarship for a diverse range of clients. “Dear Denny” was nominated for a Pushcart by Permafrost, the literary journal of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. “Quo Vadis,” printed in Buffalo Almanack #7, made the long list


Staff Ghostwriters, Editors, and Consultants

Our diverse team includes over 50 staff writers, editors, and publishing consultants, each with a unique style and skill set. The majority of our staff work from our Manhattan, LA, or Nashville offices, though several members correspond remotely. Please let us know if you would like to interview any member of our staff and we will gladly accommodate—pending availability.

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