William Ecenbarger, Ghostwriter & Coauthor

/William Ecenbarger, Ghostwriter & Coauthor

Before becoming a full-time writer and ghostwriter, Bill was a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and he was part of an Inquirer team that won the 1980 Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. In addition, he received the Long Island University’s George Polk Award for a series of articles outlining abuses in the Pennsylvania Legislature.

He is a former contributing editor for Reader’s Digest and still writes regularly for its international editions. He is the author of four books: Walkin’ the Line (M. Evans, 2001), a travel-history about the Mason-Dixon Line; Glory by the Wayside: The Old Churches of Hawaii (Passage Press, 2008), a photo-essay book, and Kids for Cash (The New Press, 2012), an account of a judicial scandal in Pennsylvania. The New York Times called Kids for Cash “a harrowing tale, lucidly told by a journalist with a great eye for detail.” Pennsylvania Stories. Well-Told, a collection of 12 long-form magazine articles, will be published in 2017 by Temple University Press. He is the co-author of two books—Catching Lightning in a Bottle: How Merrill Lynch Revolutionized the Financial World (Wiley & Sons, 2013), a history of Merrill Lynch, and Making Ideas Matter (University of Pennsylvania, 2013), a primer on mobilizing political power.

In addition, he has written more than 300 travel articles for magazines and major newspapers, and won 13 individual awards from the Society of American Travel Writers; in 1996, the SATW named him “Lowell Thomas Travel Writer of the Year.”