Kevin Anderson, CEO and Editor-in-Chief

/Kevin Anderson, CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Kevin is a highly successful ghostwriter, editor, and entrepreneur with a wealth of industry knowledge and professional experience. He has worked with numerous bestselling and award-winning authors, prominent literary agents, and a long list of public figures, successful professionals, and aspiring authors.

Both a creative writer and a scholar, Kevin earned his master’s degree at Harvard University with a concentration in literary theory and criticism. While at Harvard, he studied under notable Poet Laureate and critical theorist, Professor Michael D. Jackson, and honed the literary criticism skills upon which he built a successful career in the book-writing and editing business.

As CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Kevin oversees all operations at our firm. He enjoys working closely with his clients and makes himself readily available by phone and email throughout the planning, ghostwriting, editing, and publishing process. He is an invaluable resource and dedicates his time and expertise generously to ensure our clients receive the best quality service in the industry.

Kevin’s enthusiasm and ambition permeate all his professional and personal pursuits. An energetic lover of life, he has an insatiable appetite for learning and eagerly pursues new experiences. When he’s not toiling over the pages of your manuscript, you may find him reading Nabokov, McCarthy, or Proust, surfing the cold northeastern shores, composing music, fishing for striped bass, debating philosophy, brewing Belgian-style beer, or enjoying the arts, culture, and food of a faraway place. Of all life’s pleasures, Kevin most enjoys the adventures he shares with his wife and their four children.

A more detailed bio can be found on his personal website.